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1:1 Career Coaching

We understand that every individual and their situation is unique and we start by asking some of the following questions:

  • Are you doing the kind of work you want to be doing?
  • Is the job that you’re doing rewarding enough to put up with its challenges?
  • Do you see yourself staying in your job or would you jump at the chance for a change?
  • Do you feel you are doing the work you were meant to do?
  • Even after a bad day at work, can you be energized to go back in the next day to give it another try?

Our Coaching Areas of Focus

The core of our coaching approach involves a focus on Emotional Intelligence aligned with career fundamentals—comprehensive training in communication, effective follow-up practices, and the cultivation of professionalism. We are here to empower both clinical and non-clinical healthcare and corporate professionals with the essential skills to not only survive but thrive in their respective career journeys.

We specialize in career coaching and career mapping specific to nurses and healthcare professionals offering:

1. Tailored Guidance for Your Unique Path: Dr. Weiss take the time to understand your aspirations, skills, and background.  You get personalized strategies to align your career goals with the dynamic healthcare industry, ensuring a tailored approach to your success.

2. Industry Insight and Trends: With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Weiss offers in-depth knowledge of the healthcare and business sector which includes navigating beyond-the-bedside career paths and career pivots.

3. Resume and Interview Preparation: Dr. Weiss can assist you in standing out in a competitive job market with a professionally crafted resume and exceptional interview skills. Employing Emotional-Intelligence coaching principles, your strengths, achievements, and unique qualities take center stage, ensuring a lasting impression on potential employers.

4. Networking Strategies: Building a strong professional network is crucial in the healthcare industry. Dr. Weiss will guide you on effective networking strategies, connecting you with industry professionals, mentors, and organizations to enhance your career prospects and open doors to new opportunities.

5. Personal and Professional Development: Achieve holistic growth with our focus on both personal and professional development. Dr. Weiss will guide you through skills enhancement, time management, and work-life balance, ensuring that you not only succeed in your career but also lead a fulfilling life.


Who this coaching is for:

Healthcare professionals who are currently in or aspire to be in leadership roles
Clinical healthcare professionals looking to move beyond the bedside
Non-clinical healthcare professionals looking to pivot
New professionals navigating the corporate world

What to Expect with EI-based Coaching

EI-centered career coaching goes beyond conventional performance metrics by fostering holistic growth. It equips individuals with the emotional intelligence tools needed to make career decisions aligned with their values and aspirations. By embracing EI, individuals not only enhance their own well-being and success but also contribute to a more emotionally intelligent and empathetic professional landscape.


  • Leverage empathy to have more meaningful interactions with your patients as they go through trying times.
  • Manage your own stress and emotions as you balance a busy home and work life.
  • Work through scenarios that cause you discomfort, role-play, and create strategies to promote being prepared and confident with whatever may come your way.  

Managers and leaders have the ability to grow and further develop their skills:

  • Utilize empathy to better serve your colleagues and create high-performing teams, which may enhance the overall health of the organization.
  • Become a more self-assured and confident leader.

Health Care Career Coaching

Dr. Weiss provides tailored guidance and personalized strategies focused on the principles of emotional intelligence to empower her clients to develop heightened self-awareness, enabling them to recognize their emotional triggers, strengths, and areas for improvement. She provides support for making informed career decisions, pivoting as needed, so they can achieve their professional aspirations within the dynamic field of healthcare.


Corporate Career Coaching

Our coaching services extend to newer professionals, irrespective of their background, who are venturing into the “real world” and grappling with the intricacies of corporate communication and professionalism. In Dr. Weiss’ role as a management professor, she has observed the challenges faced by general business students as they enter the corporate arena. Given her robust industry experience, she has seen the benefit that these skills can bring to one’s career growth and overall development. It’s evident how valuable guidance in navigating this corporate landscape can be.


Navigating career Pivots

Navigating a career pivot involves making a deliberate and strategic shift within your industry and in some cases into another industry. By leveraging her expertise in human-centered design and her understanding of the business world, Dr. Weiss works to empower individuals to make informed decisions, overcome obstacles, and successfully navigate the complexities of shifting careers. Her guidance helps clients achieve a smoother and more fulfilling transition to a new professional path.