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What We Offer

We work to empower individuals, teams, and organizations to excel by leveraging Emotional Intelligence to its fullest potential, leading to greater job satisfaction, improved performance, and increased overall well-being.

While we focus on you as a professional – Career Coaching can help you move you towards creating a happier and healthier version of you… the best version of yourself in all aspects of your life!

Empower your team to achieve their fullest potential. Our EI-focused workshops can aid in refining communication and fostering the development of top-performing teams. Increased employee well-being within the healthcare sector can contribute to the overall success of the organization.


Gain clarity on your “Why?”

As you develop your own Emotional Intelligence, Dr. Weiss will help guide you on your journey to better understand your “Why”!

Discovering your “Why” requires introspective and reflection. Some questions to consider when establishing your “Why” might be:

  • Why am I drawn to the work I’m doing?
  • Why is it appealing to me to work in certain environments versus others? 
  • What am I passionate about?
  • What motivates me?

By harnessing your Emotional Intelligence, we can assist you with establishing a deeper understanding of your “Why”. Turning to your “Why” during challenging times can help keep you motivated and focused on the bigger picture. We want you to feel comfortable and confident walking into stressful situations that have the potential to lead to burnout – knowing that you are in control of your reactions. We want you to come home and feel refreshed, ready to enjoy time with your family. We want to help elevate you to be the best spouse, parent, friend, and colleague that you can be. 

Establishing Mission, Visions & Values

A major component of building resiliency and increasing EI in the workspace and in life is through clearly defining and communicating your Mission, Vision, and Values (MVV). In doing so, an individual or organization can foster a deeper sense of purpose, inspire their team, and ensure everyone is working towards a common objective. These elements also serve as a foundation for strategic planning, goal-setting, and maintaining a positive organizational culture. When aligned, the mission, vision, and values become a powerful force that guides the organization’s growth and success.

At the individual level

We work to help you create your own MVV that provides you with drive and focus. 

A mission is your overall objective: What are you looking to achieve? What is your purpose? 

The vision is your long-term goal: Why are you doing what you’re doing? What does your ideal future look like? 

Your values are: traits or ethics that you embody to leverage your vision to achieve your mission! 

In the workplace, it is important to understand the potential synergy between your MVV and that of the organization, particularly when considering a new role.

at the organizational level

In the context of our workshops, when exploring the mission, vision, and values (MVV) of both the individual and the organization, shared traits often emerge. These parallels provide insight into how an individual’s MVV aligns with the organization’s MVV and aids in facilitating their journey to fulfill their mission, empower their vision, and embrace shared values. The harmony between personal and organizational MVVs becomes a potent catalyst for cultivating happier and more robust individuals and organizations.