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Areas of Focus

Emotional Intelligence
Organizational Commitment
Job Performance
Healthcare Operations & Process Improvement
Teambuilding & Training
Value-Based Care
Strategy & Decision Making
Patient Safety & Healthcare Quality

Select Presentations, Proceedings, and Papers

Weiss, S. (April, 2023). Emotional Intelligence: a critical life preserver! …information and exercises to help you ride out the storm. Presentation for the Florida Association for Healthcare Quality (FAHQ) Annual Conference. Provided a Florida RN CE and Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) CE lecture. Orlando, Florida. 

Weiss, S., Weiss, L., Clayton, R., Ruble, & R., Cole, J. (2023). The Relationship Between Pharmacist Resilience, Burnout, and Job Performance. Journal of Pharmacy Practice. View Publication

Ruble, Cole, J. D., Weiss, S., Clayton, R., & Weiss, L. (2022). The relationship between pharmacist emotional intelligence, occupational stress, job performance, and psychological affective well-being. Journal of the American Pharmacists Association, 62(1), 120–124. View Publication

Weiss, S. (2021, October). What is Emotional Intelligence, why do healthcare workers need it, and how can it be improved? Presentation for the Florida Association for Healthcare Quality (FAHQ) Live Webinar Series. Provided a Florida RN CE and Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) CE lecture.​

Weiss, S. (2021, February 23). Making the Link Between Emotional Intelligence and Ethics in Healthcare. Guest lecture for Business Ethics course. Penn State University. 

Weiss, SS. The Relationship between Registered Nurse Emotional Intelligence, Turnover Intention, and Job Performance. [dissertation]. Saint Leo (FL): Saint Leo University; 2019.

Aquil, T., Rader, I., Weiss, S., & Clayton, R. (2018). The Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence and Work‐Family Balance.   The Journal of Business, Industry, and Economics, 23(1), 122‐152.  

Weiss, S. (2018). Beyond Bedside Nursing. The Florida Nurse, 66(1), 13.
 View Publication

Amin, K., & Weiss, S. (2017, February). Pill Pushing: Big Pharma’s Marketing Practices. Presented at Southeast Case Research Association (SECRA) Annual Conference, Myrtle Beach, SC. 

National Association for Healthcare Quality (2017). HQ Essentials: Competencies for the Healthcare Quality Profession. Chicago, IL.  Contributor to Patient Safety chapter.   

Weiss, S. (2017, May). New Nurses Overcoming Workplace Stressors. Presentation at International Business Conference (IBC). Saint Leo, FL.