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Our story

Elevate My Career was conceived from the desire to help individuals and organizations, especially those in the medical field, grow by leveraging their Emotional Intelligence. Working in the healthcare setting can be exhausting and emotionally labor intensive, causing burnout and turnover, thus negatively impacting the employee experience, which can also affect patient experience and the quality of care delivered.

The current way of functioning is not sustainable at the individual or organizational level. The goal is to create sustainably happy and healthy individuals and organizations by enhancing well-being, increasing motivation, and furthering understanding of one’s purpose to build resilience and reduce burnout in the workplace and life.

We seek to elevate the individual to be the best version of themselves in all of their roles: as a parent, spouse, friend, and colleague through our coaching and workshop offerings.


Founded by a human-centered healthcare leader seeking to create happier and healthier individuals and organizations.

Dr. Weiss is a coach & workshop facilitator improving healthcare outcomes and staff retention through enhancing well-being, Emotional Intelligence, and resilience.


Empower individuals and organizations in the realm of business and management with the profound insights of emotional intelligence.

Elevate professionals to cultivate self-awareness, empathy, resilience, and authentic leadership.

Create positive and thriving workplaces that uplift the bottom line and the overall well-being of the individual.


To be a catalyst for a paradigm shift in the business world, where emotional intelligence is embraced as the cornerstone of effective leadership and organizations excellence.

To create a world where individuals and organizations prioritize emotional well-being, leading to enhanced collaboration, enriched relationships, and sustainable success.

Through our coaching and workshops, we aspire to shape a future where business and management practices are not only successful but also contribute to the well-being and fulfillment of individuals, teams, and families.


Empathy & Compassion

Authenticity & Collaboration

Dedication & Commitment

Bold & Brave